is IP address. It is the IP address of most common modems and routers that are present in every household. In a way it is address of your gateway to internet. One can access modem or router using this address and configure Internet, security, WiFi settings.

How to Login to

Logging to router admin page allows you to access router’s administrative control panel and do changes in settings and configuration. Accessing 192.168.o.1 is easy and does not require any great deal of tech knowledge. So lets login to using following steps. Use these steps carefully.

  • First thing is to make sure that your computer or laptop is connected to router. You can either connect through WiFi or Ethernet cable. You can see connection status on bottom right corner on taskbar of pc or laptop.
  • Open Chrome or Opera or Internet Explorer or Safari web browser.
  • Type or in address bar of browser.
  • Browser will show login page of router.
  • Enter details of login username and password to login to router.
  • If login info is correct, you will get access to router admin page and you can not configure your router.

Common Problems with 192.168.o.1

Cant Login to

Most probable cause of this error is that you have enter wrong credentials on login page. Please check login username and password. If you can not recall username and password, try to reset router.

Forgot IP Address

IP address of your router is If you still get error, please check other common IP addresses of routers.

Forgot Username and Password

If you do not remember username and password of login page, you can check manual of router. If you do not have access to manual, check common username and password of routers. If even default username and password does not work, try to reset router.

Can not Access Router Admin Page

  • Make sure that your computer’s network is up and computer is connected to router.
  • Manually reboot router. Wait for 1-2 minutes before connecting to router again.
  • Check that IP address in address bar of browser is correct. It is very common to make
  • mistake while typing. Many people gets confused with letters and numbers. 192.168.o.1 is incorrect address.
  • Use another web browser.
  • If you are using WiFi, switch to Ethernet connection. Many time WiFi connection is not reliable.
  • If you are using Ethernet cable, make sure that network status is showing correctly that network is up.

Internet Connection Not Working

  • Check that your data plan is active and you have not exhausted data limit.
  • Check that DSL/ADSL cable is properly connected to router.
  • Restart router and wait for sometime.
  • Login to router and check that WAN connection is up and router is getting IP address from Internet provider.
  • Check that you are using correct internet configuration settings in router.
  • Make sure that your DSL username and password is correct.
  • Call up your broadband provider to troubleshoot internet connection problem and check that cable wire is not causing any problem. Many times due to natural calamities or other reason, cable wires get broken or damaged.

How to Reset Router?

There comes a time when you not remember username and password and this prevents you from logging to router. At that time only option is to reset router. There are other instances also when you would like to reset router.

Resetting router is not very difficult. It is not advisable to reset router unless it is necessary.

Almost all routers have a reset button at the backside.

  • Power off router.
  • Disconnect all cables from router.
  • Power on router.
  • Press reset button and hold it for 30-60 seconds while router power is on.
  • Release reset button after 1-2 minutes. This will erase all settings and make all settings to factory default.

After resetting router, it is advisable to change password to strong password that no one can try to login to your router.

Also make sure that your router is having latest firmware installed on it.

How to Change Router IP Address?

Your router has two IP addresses assigned to it.

One IP address is LAN IP address that is mostly fixed by manufacturer so that you can use it to login to router admin console and configure router ans tighten its security and other parameters like WiFi settings. is example of LAN IP. You can not change this IP and neither it is advisable to change it. Because if you forget new IP address, you will need to reset router making you loose all the settings and configuration on router. Moreover resetting router and configuring it is a herculean task and you do not want to waste your time on that.

Other IP address is WAN IP address which assigned by broadband service provider depending on your broadband plan. In common data plans, this IP is dynamic and assigned randomly by company whenever you power on router. This is dynamic IP address and changes frequently. You can also request a static IP address from ISP (Internet Service Provider) if you plan to use your computer for official work like email hosting or personal work like web hosting or game server hosting. This IP is assigned by broadband service provider and it remains allocated to you.

More About is internal IP address designed for internal networking purpose. So if you have home network of small office network, this IP is visible inside your local network. It is not visible outside your personal local network. Hence you can not access router using from your office even if you want to.