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Seller’s Notes

If you’re looking for an established, high quality website to promote affiliate products in the camping, home and garden, or emergency preparedness niche then you have just found it. is a professionally designed affiliate website that promotes portable generators and solar panels. This is a high ticket niche with an engaged audience.

This site was created in May of 2018, and includes a beautifully designed layout with a premium WordPress theme.

I created to be a top authority in the portable power generation category. Unfortunately, since building the site, another business has required my full attention. This site has never had ANY link building, social media presence, or promotion of any kind. But even so, has generated steady traffic and revenue.

The portable generator and solar panel niche has a lot of great affiliate programs, so you don’t have to rely on Amazon. For example, affiliate programs through My Generator, Energizer Generators, Overland Solar and Inergy are always looking to work with affiliate partners and some offer up to 15% commissions!

I have invested over $4,000 building and updating this website. My loss is your gain. This is an incredible opportunity to acquire an established authority niche site at a discount.

Key Highlights:

  • Huge amount of high quality, original content totaling 69,380 words
  • All content written by professional, native English, US based writers
  • Aged website and domain ready for promotion – avoid the Google sandbox
  • Includes high ticket products up to $1,600 each for big commissions
  • Generator/Solar niche has many affiliate program options outside of Amazon
  • Beautifully designed website and premium WordPress theme
  • Highly brandable name
  • 32 unique posts including long form articles, reviews and product guides
  • All necessary pages including Disclosures, Privacy Policy, GDPR, About and Contact

What’s Included with the Website:

  • Exact match keyword domain name
  • SEO-Optimized PREMIUM Native-English content (69,000+ words)
  • Premium logo
  • Premium WordPress plugins
  • Premium images
  • Secure HTTPS setup

Does this website have existing organic traffic?

Yes, it’s been getting a steady flow of organic traffic, primarily from the United States. With some link building and promotion the traffic could be grown substantially.

Does this website currently generate revenue?

Yes, but again, since it hasn’t had any product optimization, link building, advertising, or promotion, the revenue is modest. The more you work on promoting the site, the faster the revenue will increase.

What’s needed to make this website even more profitable?

The new owner should work on building backlinks to increase the organic traffic. Building a social media presence would be an incredible channel for growth. Portable generators and solar panels are a very Facebook friendly niche with an engaged audience. Building an email list, advertising, and joint ventures with van life or emergency preparedness bloggers would further grow revenue.

What work is required after I buy the site?

  • Generate more traffic using SEO, social media, and advertising and promotions.
  • Keep the site’s ongoing cash flow and reinvest the profits to grow the website.

I would love to pass this incredible asset on to someone that will run with it. This can be a wildly profitable business for someone interested in growing the audience.

How does this business make money? makes money from the Amazon Associates affiliate program. I would keep working with Amazon and also recommend diversifying into other affiliate programs.

Why are you selling this business?

I created to be a top authority site in the portable power generation niche. Unfortunately, since building the site, another business has required my full attention. That business involves client work that continues to take all my time.

Who would this business be perfect for?

This business would be perfect for anyone interested in having a massive head start in affiliate marketing with a well developed content website in a booming niche.


  • domain
  • Website files, source code and content
  • Brand assets

Post sale support

I’ll help with migrating the website to your host, and the domain to your registrar. I’d also be happy to offer tips and strategies to help make this website even more successful. I’m easy to work with and want the buyer to succeed.

Let me know if you have any questions and happy bidding!