How to Choose the Best Wireless Router for You

Your family has grown tired of sharing computers as well as the computer space, and you are thinking about purchasing additional computers.

A home network is what you hear everyone talking about these days. What is that? Sounds technical. It is not as complicated as it may sound.

A home network will allow you to have several computers in your home connected to one internet source, freeing you and your family from the tedious task of managing time on the computer. A home network will indeed alleviate that problem, for this will find that you need a router.

What is a wireless router and why would you need a one? Simply put, a wireless router is a device in a wireless area network that allows you to access your internet while physically being away from the source.

Mostly a wireless router is used in the home if you have a laptop, affording you the freedom to locate anywhere in the home with your laptop, also if you have multiple computers in the home and they are located in areas that are not near your modem or where your internet signal is coming in. In this case, a wireless router will help you reach your signal from nearly any location in the home.

There are three types of wireless routers the B series, the N series, and the G series.

With the B series routers, you will have some limitations, for instance, distance, you will be limited on how far you locate from the source, and the B series routers have a range of about 50 to 100 feet. The B series is the oldest of the routers and not carried as widely as the other types of routers.

The primary bonus to the B series router is the price, it can be purchased anywhere from $40 to $50 dollars. If you are in the market for a wireless router, consider the space in your home and how far you are from the source before purchasing the B series.

The B series, being the oldest of the series, are less frequently found in stores, you may have luck finding one on E Bay.

If you want a little more versatility you may want to consider the G series router, for only a few dollars more the G series router will give you anywhere from 150 to 200 feet of distance from the source. Look to spend anywhere in the range of $65 to $90 dollars retail.

If you want to cover more than one room and the price fits the G series is the router for you. IF you are looking for a high-end router with better performance and longer range, the N series is the router that can meet your needs.

At about $150 to $180 dollars retail the N series router affords much greater flexibility in where you locate from the source.

The N series router has a range up to 1400 feet, depending on the layout of your home. All of the series of wireless routers have their benefits, it simply depends on your demands as a consumer, but for the greatest range and top performance, the N series router is the top pick.