4 Major Setbacks to the Advanced Belkin N750 DB Wireless Dual-Band N+ Router

The Belkin N750 DB wireless dual-band N+ router is an advanced router that boasts multiple USB ports, dual-band speed, Gigabit Ethernet, and even apps, but although this is a pretty neat router, there are several features that leave a bit to be desired.

Range Could Be Better

When selecting a new wireless router wireless range is one of the main concerns consumers have. With the advanced connection speeds of this N+ router, one would assume that it had spectacular range, but unfortunately, the Belkin N750 DB wireless dual-band N+ router has less than ideal range and hardly bests those lowly budget N routers found in most electronic stores.

Poor and Problematic Design

The design and form factor of most routers hardly matters and even if a router is completely horrendous and not aesthetically pleasing, most consumers will still opt for it if it gets the job done. Unfortunately the form factor and design of the Belkin N750 DB router is not only a bit quirky looking, but the design of its stand makes it easy to topple over – which may lead to damage in the future.

No LED Light Indication Support

Not only does the design of this router leave a lot to be desired, it’s minimalistic design also leaves out a few important features. LED light indication displays network activity and is great when troubleshooting problems or making sure that devices are connected to the internet, but the Belkin N750 DB’s lack of LED light indication support leaves consumers puzzled and will cause major headaches in troubleshooting situations.

No IPv6 Support

One of the biggest letdowns of this otherwise advanced router is its lack of IPv6 support. Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) is the latest in Internet Protocol (IP) technology and is the successor to the standard iPv4 technology. The Belkin N750 DB’s lack of IPv6 support will be a major problem as more internet service providers update to IPv6 support in the years to come and if you’re planning on having this router for more than a few years (or even a year), this just may not be the router for you. Hopefully Belkin will update this routers firmware to implement IPv6 support, but as of now the Belkin N750 DB only support IPv4.